Have I Lost My Mind Or Is My Pillow Talking To Me

How Technology Can Keep Us Connected To Aging Parents | By Joy Loverde

Have you ever had a long-distance love affair? Then you know it’s not easy to stay connected across the miles. Oh, sure, everything seemed doable in the beginning with the help of romantic phone calls, gifts, greeting cards and weekend visits; but as time went on, the blush of romance faded as the day-to-day logistics of managing the relationship from far away slowly got the best of you. Now, picture the lovers as aging parents and their out-of-town children and grandchildren. As we go about doing whatever it takes to make time for each other—from making weekly calls to juggling multiple personal and professional calendars, to struggling to arrange to be physically there—we’re back in the same boat (without the lure of lust and roses). Thanks to the times we live in and the wonders of technology, it’s becoming easier to maintain family ties with elderly relatives in spite of the miles that come between us. The world is changing, and more changes will come in the future, influencing the way we relate as family.

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