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Heelift AFO Suspension Boot
Heelift AFO Suspension Boot

Heelift AFO Suspension Boot

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Lightweight heel suspension boot with brace provides the best possible control of the ankle's position and motion.
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The Heelift AFO Suspension Boot is a heel offloading boot designed with a semi-rigid brace. This lightweight, breathable boot completely offloads the heel and provides support to prevent foot drop.

The Heelift AFO Suspension Boot protects the heel, foot and ankle from pressure injuries. The semi-rigid Polypropylene brace with the lining provides support to prevent foot drop foot while being comfortable to wear. The non-slip traction sole allows users to walk short distances, making it ideal for transfers from the bed or chair. The durable exterior moves easily to allow the user to reposition as needed while the boot remains securely in place. The beveled elevation pad disperses pressure evenly across entire calf, and removes pressure from the heel. The foam pads can be customized for pressure relief for the Achilles tendon and Malleolar decubitues, and support for foot drop. The Heelift AFO Suspension Boot is available in the Standard size with smooth or convoluted foam interior.

Non-returnable if packaging is opened.

Heelift AFO Suspension Boot Instructions

Heelift AFO Suspension Boot Specifications:

  • Choose: Smooth foam or Convoluted foam interior.
  • Standard size measures: 12 inches calf to heel, 9 inches heel to toe.
  • Fits calf circumference: 10 - 15 inches.
  • Fits height range: 60 - 77 inches.
  • Fits weight range: 120 - 250 pounds.
  • Materials: Thick, open-cell, latex free, medical grade foam.
  • Fits: Universal for right or left foot.
  • Care: Machine washable if placed in a net laundry bag with the Velcro® straps closed and the extra elevation pads removed.
  • Made in: USA.

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