Helpful Arthritis Pain Relief Products

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Helpful Arthritis Pain Relief Products

Living with chronic arthritis pain can be a draining experience, but with the help of modern arthritis products, you really can make a lot of progress in a short while, and live a more pain free life. Some of the products that we offer that can ease your arthritis pain include:

3pp Comforter Splint Left Hand


This is a softly padded splint that is very comfortable when you wear it at night. The position in which this product puts your hand provides the support needed to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis.

Ulnar deviation of the MP joints is a frequent problem of rheumatoid arthritis, and it often reduces hand function. A resting hand split such as this product maintains the correct alignment of the MP joints at night, so it promotes better function during the day.

3pp Toe Loops Three Pack


This product consists of soft foam lined wraps that cushion and stabilize arthritic toes. These wraps have been redesigned to feature longer loops for easier application. The loop cushions the painful toes, and the strap wrap around the toe next to it. This product also can be helpful to stabilize a fractured toe.

Adjustable Bed Wedge


This is an affordable alternative to a hospital bed. With just touching a button, you can raise the head of the bed as much as 26 inches high. This bed wedge will work with your current mattress. It works very well for people with arthritis pain, and will help you to find a comfortable position.