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AMI7323 Hold-and-Read Page Holders
AMI7323 Hold-and-Read Page Holders

Hold-and-Read Page Holders

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Easy to use reading aid allows users to read paperbacks using one or no hands.
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The Hold-and-Read Page Holders are clear plastic folding clips that are designed to securely hold pages for reading. Users who have difficulty holding paperback books open for reading will find these adapted holders helpful to make reading easier.

The Hold-and-Read Page Holders are designed to allow users to read using one or no hands. The folding clips hold both the left and right sides of a paperback book securely, while allowing users to easily turn the pages. The lightweight holders measure 3/4 inch wide, 9 inches long opened, 5-1/2 inches long closed, and will accommodates any thickness of paperback book. The Hold-and-Read Page Holders easy to use reading aid is designed to hold magazines, books, and many other reading materials.

Hold-and-Read Page Holders Specifications:

  • Measure: 5-1/2 inches long closed, 9 inches long open, 3/4 inch wide.
  • Made of : Strong, transparent Clear plastic.
  • Weighs: 0.04 oz.

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