Keeping Your Home Safe is Easier than You Thought

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February 2, 2012
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February 21, 2012
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Keeping Your Home Safe is Easier than You Thought

To prevent falls in the home it is essential to have a safe home environment. Safety in the home comes in a variety of forms and includes removing clutter which can cause falls, moving objects that are up high on shelves and adding stability devices as necessary throughout the home. Taking a small amount of time to keep your home safe will pay off in big rewards including less falls and easier movement throughout the house.

Clear Clutter

It requires more than just picking up after yourself to clear the clutter in the home. Think about what your house would look like with only the essential gear in it. What pieces of furniture would you keep? Move out unnecessary items that are in all your main rooms, this includes extra tables, chairs, plants and knick knacks. Moving these items is a necessary measure when mobility issues start becoming a problem for you. Navigating around various small tables, coffee tables and extra chairs is often the cause of major falls. So clear the clutter and make your home an easier place to navigate as your mobility changes.

Lower High Objects

If it is becoming difficult to move around your home, climbing up on a step ladder to reach your favorite coffee mug is certainly not something you should be doing. Have a family member or friend help you go through items on higher shelves and move them to the counter top or lower shelf where you can easily access them. Move items in closets also, like sweaters in your bedroom, or bath towels in the bathroom. Any item you use regularly, or might need to use soon, should be within easy reach for you.

Add Stability Devices

Another way to keep your home safe is by adding stability devices in areas of your home which require you to move from one position to another. A stability rail on the bed offers support as you pull yourself up in the morning; it also is a great resource for stabilizing a wobbly morning body as you get ready to move throughout the home. Another useful stabilization device is a couch cane, which slides underneath the couch and offers stability when getting up from the couch. Walkers and canes are extremely useful to use while moving throughout the home and offer stability in getting around outside the home as well. Walkers come in a variety of styles and can easily fit through the doorways in a standard home. Also, since the clutter is cleared your walker would be able to move nicely from one room in the house to the next.

By removing the clutter and lowering frequently used object you are setting up your home to be a safe place to move around. By adding stability devices you are giving added security to the way you move around the home. The stability devices also add to your level of comfort as you move from sitting to standing positions.