The E-Z Eat was developed by Jack Chopin, who lost dexterity in his hands due to Parkinson’s. He has found that anything that promotes independence is worth sharing. This device holds a sandwich, slice of pizza or other food item and provides a large rolling device for easy manipulation, without intricate parts. Moving the roller brings the food item toward the consumer at mouth level. Other than inserting the food item, the consumer can manipulate the machine to eat with complete independence. The ability to eat autonomously provides positive feelings, confidence, and relief to caregivers.

Each E-Z Eat is hand-produced with special attention to its functionality, performance, long-lasting usability, and ease of use. Loss of hand dexterity impedes on every facet of living. Any device that can offer independence is abundantly appreciated. Thank you, Jack, for your useful invention, ingenuity and creative ability! You have introduced a wonderful new way to gain autonomy!