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Intellinetix Step Sensor
Intellinetix Step Sensor

Intellinetix Step Sensor - Discontinued

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Provides a gentle reminder in the form of vibration as user takes a step
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The Intellinetix Step Sensor provides a gentle reminder in the form of vibration as user takes a step. Designed specifically for people with peripheral neuropathy and other forms of nerve impairment, this lightweight pad and sensor may help users regain confidence in walking.

The Intellinetix Step Sensor uses vibration cells to provide a gentle reminder to lift the foot while walking. The vibration pad is placed just below the knee and the sensor is placed in the user's shoe. When the user's heel hits the ground, the pad vibrates to stimulate the muscles that lift the toes, thus encouraging the wearer to lift their foot to create a smoother gait. This walking aid was designed for gait abnormality associated with peripheral neuropathy. The sensor is lightweight, comfortable, and discreet to fit in athletic and dress shoes. The vibration pad attaches with hook-and-loop closure for easy application and removal. The Intellinetix Step Sensor includes a rechargeable battery and charger, and lasts up to 12 hours when fully charged.

Intellinetix Step Sensor Instructions

Intellinetix Step Sensor Specifications:

  • Fits: Universal.
  • Includes: Vibration pad, step sensor, rechargeable battery, charger.

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