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Juvo Dressing Aid Shoehorn
Juvo Dressing Aid Shoehorn

Juvo Dressing Aid Shoehorn

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Combination long handle dressing stick and shoehorn, helpful for people with limited mobility to push and pull clothing and shoes.
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The Juvo Dressing Aid Shoehorn is a long handle dressing tool with hooks for pushing and pulling clothing at one end, and a shoehorn at the other end. Designed by Occupational Therapists, this adapted dressing stick allows users with limited mobility to easily dress and undress.

The Juvo Dressing Aid Shoehorn allows users to reach and put on clothing from a sitting position. The 5 inch wide, curved head has distinctive push and pull tapered ends. The push end helps push off a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. The pull end, or hook end, helps pull up a pair of pants or pull on a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. The curved head is also useful to reach items and pull them closer, or for someone in a seated position to easily push and pull drawers, doors, retrieve clothing from the floor, closet or shelf, and turning light switches on and off. The curved Shoehorn helps users with putting on and taking off shoes and socks.

Juvo Dressing Aid Shoehorn Specifications:

  • Materials: Silicone textured head and grip, fiber-reinforced ABS plastic.
  • Measures: 25 inches long, 5 inches wide.
  • Color: White with blue accents.

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