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Juvo Long Handle Bathing Wand
Juvo Long Handle Bathing Wand

Juvo Long Handle Bathing Wand

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Special design allows the loofah to be replaced.
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The Juvo Long Handle Bathing Wand is not just another bath sponge on a stick. This patent pending bathing aid allows users to easily replace the loofah sponge with a new one when needed.

The Juvo Long Handle Bathing Wand was specially designed by Occupational Therapists to help make bathing easier for people with limited mobility. The 22 inch long wand provides users with extended reach for bathing without bending or stooping. The soft-textured, contoured handle is easy to grip in the shower and a storage loop makes it easy to hang for added convenience. Made of sturdy fiber-reinforced ABS plastic, the handle provides the right amount of rigidity with a little flex.

The best feature of the Juvo Long-Handle Bathing Wand is the patent-pending replacement loofah system. Rather than throwing the whole long handle bath sponge out when the sponge wears out, just pop out the old standard size loofah and pop in a new one. To replace the loofah, first use your thumb to push the old loofah out through the ring at the top of the wand. The middle of the loofah is easy to locate as the loofah is tied together in the middle with a piece of nylon string. Push the new loofah through the ring at top of the bath wand and position the center the loofah through the ring so that one half is on either side of the ring, with the loofah's nylon string in the middle.

Juvo Long Handle Bathing Wand Specifications:

  • Measures: 22 inches long.
  • Materials: Sturdy fiber-reinforced ABS plastic.
  • Includes: Long Handle Bathing Wand with loofah.

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