When the weather is nice, you may love to go outside and do activities like walking, going to the park or gardening, but knee pain can get in the way of enjoying the great outdoors.

One very common cause of knee pain, according to WebMD, is bursitis, which occurs when the bursa, a sac of fluid under the skin above the kneecap, becomes irritated and inflamed.

One important strategy for preventing knee pain is simple: Wear a knee pad. Knee pads protect the bursitis when you kneel down, and many knee pads also generally help the knee by providing a more structural support and compression.

However, different knee pads do different things. Let's look at some of the knee pads and knee wraps in our store to see what the difference is and which one you could get the most out of.

Therapeutic knee wraps

Therapeutic knee wraps have a separate function than knee pads. Although they may be worn the same way and have many of the same features (like extra padding), they are intended to provide soothing comfort and healing.

Usually, therapeutic wraps are applied when you are done with the day's activities and are ready to lie back and recover.

For example, the Medi-Beads Joint Wrap may be microwaved to provide moist heat therapy, or placed in the freezer to apply cold therapy to the hurting knee.

Protective knee pads

Protective knee pads are primarily intended to provide padding or other protection when kneeling or in case of a fall.

For instance, the Total Comfort Knee Pad is an excellent, high-quality example of a protective knee pad. This pad is the first and only doctor recommended knee pad with superior tested foam, which is built into the pad in two protective layers. The first layer receives the impact of the knee, and the second layer provides firm support, allowing the knee to sink progressively into the padding when you are kneeling.

Compression knee supports

Compression knee supports are designed to hold your knee in a stabilized, supported position throughout the day.

The Makayla for Women Ultra Knee Stabilizer uses elastic stretch material that is knitted to provide strategic compression. Dual side stabilizers provide lateral stability, and the fabric is breathable in order to facilitate extended use.

Daily living aids to protect your knees are an essential part of knee pain prevention and management. Talk to your health care professional and determine the type of knee pad that is right for you.

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