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Lace-Amatic - Discontinued

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The perfect gadget if it is difficult for you to lace and tie your shoes.
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The Lace-Amatic is the perfect gadget for you if it is difficult for you to lace and tie your shoes every time you go outside. This small two-part plastic mechanism acts as a ratchet to tighten up pre-tied shoes allowing users to slip on their shoe and tighten it up without retying a bow every time. The lace-amatic slips over the shoe's laces and once twisted, it tightens the laces just like tying them.Designed to help people with reduced mobility, the lace-amatic is ideal for people with arthritis, autistics, the elderly, single hand and arm amputees, ALS, MS, Parkinson's, post op hip and knee surgery, pregnancy, stroke, bad backs, overweight and hand or arm joint injury. The lace-amatic can help make bending down to tie their shoes a less difficult task.

Lace-Amatic Specifications:

  • Made from: strong, clear polycarbonate plastic and is weather-resistant, durable, flexible and non-marking.
  • Weighs: 11 grams (0.38oz).

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