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CMI70418 Leg Wrap Leg Lifter
CMI70418 Leg Wrap Leg Lifter

Leg Wrap Leg Lifter

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Multi-strap leg lifting device assists users in positioning a weak or casted leg.
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The Leg Wrap Leg Lifter provides convenient handles for moving and positioning a weak leg. The strap attaches to the user in 3 places to assist in supporting the leg during transfers to or from a bed, chair, sofa, wheelchair or toilet seat.

The Leg Wrap Leg Lifter is an easy-to-use leg positioning aid with upper and lower handles that eliminate the need to grab clothing. The three straps attach to the user’s leg in three places - the top of the upper thigh, above the knee, and above the ankle - and two handholds, which eliminate the need to tug on clothing and provide additional control over the leg. The multiple strap leg lifting device provides controlled movement and reduces the risk of injury caused by dropping the legs. For paraplegics, physically lifting the leg requires significant upper body strength. And for many, especially those with upper extremity weakness and without someone to assist them, this can be a tremendous challenge. This positioning aid provides an easier, safer way for people with little or no use of their legs to reposition and shift weight.

The Leg Wrap Leg Lifter is made of high-strength nylon webbing that is 2 inches wide and measures 33 inches long. The maximum circumference measures 11-1/2 inches for the ankle strap, 18-1/2 inches for the knee strap, and 24-1/2 inches for the thigh strap. The loops can be made smaller, but not larger than these sizes. Invented by an Occupational Therapy Aid, the Leg Wrap Leg Lifter is intended to remain on the leg throughout the day to provide assistance in performing daily activities.

Leg Wrap Leg Lifter Specifications:

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