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Easi-Grip Long Reach Toenail Scissors

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Long loop handle accommodates several fingers.
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The Easi-Grip® Long Reach Toenail Scissors have a loop handle that is designed to allow the strength of the middle, ring and small fingers to be used. The contoured shape and soft feel provides improved comfort for hand positioning. The extended shank helps individuals who have difficulty bending or reaching their toenails. Long lasting stainless steel blades are more hygienic.

The Long Reach Toe Nail Scissors measures 8.7 inches long overall and weigh 2 ounces. Long handle nail scissors are helpful for people who have difficulty reaching.

Easi-Grip® Long Reach Toenail Cutter Specifications:

  • Measures: 8.7 inches long.
  • Weighs: 2 ounces.

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