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AWS302 Long Weed-n-Till Garden Tool
AWS302 Long Weed-n-Till Garden Tool

Long Weed-n-Till Garden Tool

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Large, 4 tine, extra long power drill bit weeding tool eliminates bending, kneeling, and digging.
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The Long Weed-n-Till Garden Tool is an innovative weed removal tool that attaches to a hand drill to remove weeds and their roots in one whirling motion. This powerful weeding tool with four large tines removes large weeds, including tree seedlings without kneeling, bending, or digging.

The Long Weed Weed-n-Till Garden Tool has a 33-inch long shaft and is designed to attach to a hand drill for powerful weeding. A standard 3/8 inch variable speed cordless drill works best. The top speed can vary from 600 to 1400 rpm. A slower rpm works best for large weeds while a higher rpm works better for smaller weeds and debris. The 4-tine model is ideal for removing large weeds and tree seedlings. The 4-inch wide horizontal tine leaves a 3.5-inch hole and is also helpful for easily turning over the soil in a small area. The weed spinner power drill bit is pointed to pierce hard or clay soils. The end of the main shaft is flattened so that the tines can be securely welded. For best results, point the head directly down (vertical) into the center of the weed or debris to be removed, squeeze the trigger on the drill, and the weed, root and all, are completely eliminated in a single spinning action with no root left to grow back.

Back and knee problems are two common ailments that restrict weeding with common gardening tools. Short handle tools require kneeling which is hard on the knees. Although long-handled tools reduce knee problems they also require specific physical motions such as stepping, pushing, pulling, chopping, etc. that can be strenuous on the back. This weeding tool easily spins out weeds, roots, and all. Invented and patented by a retired teacher and gardener, the Long Weed-n-Till Garden Tool provides an environmentally friendly way to easily remove weeds for gardeners who have difficulty bending.

Long Weed-n-Till Garden Tool Specifications:

  • Model: 4 tines, best for removing large weeds and tree seedlings.
  • Item Weight: 12.8 ounces.
  • Attaches to: Cordless or electric drill (drill not included).
  • Measures: 33 inches long.
  • Color: Black.

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