Made in the USA Day: Discover American-made ramps

Today, July 2, is Made in the USA Day. On this day, people are encouraged to consider buying products made in the USA. Buying American helps industry and ingenuity in this country. Not to mention, there is something special about knowing the product you bought was made by your fellow countrymen.

We support buying products made in the USA, and many of the products here on our website are proudly made in America.

There is nothing like traveling to the beautiful landmarks of this great country, but if you use a wheelchair, chances are you will need some kind of ramp to get out and about.

Our ramps are American-made

These ramps are proudly made in the USA, and will quickly get you on your way.

EZ Access Trifold Advantage Ramps

EZ Access Trifold Advantage Ramps

The EZ Access Trifold Advantage Ramp is a must-have to carry in your vehicle if you plan on going places that have steps or raised landings. It is also a great help for getting your scooter or wheelchair into your vehicle. By simply removing two pins, you can separate the EZ Access Trifold Advantage Ramp into two portable lightweight halves. This ramp comes in five different sizes: 5 foot6 foot7 foot8 foot and 10 foot.

Pack your scooter efficiently

Speaking of packing up your scooter, you may find that the back of your van or SUV has a recessed floor. This, along with the carpet, will make loading and unloading difficult.

EZ Access Cargo Wedge Ramp

EZ Access Cargo Wedge Ramp

The EZ Access Cargo Wedge Ramp fits into the recess of your vehicle, allowing for quick and easy loading and unloading. This wedge ramp, made in the USA, is for all of you who have places to go and don’t want to waste 30 minutes just trying to unload.

Get an edge on pesky thresholds

When traveling out of town, people often prefer to stay at relatives’ houses rather than pay exorbitant nightly hotel rates. However, many homes have a high threshold that makes it difficult to get into the entrance.

EZ Access Modular Entry Mats

EZ Access Modular Entry Mats

This is what the EZ Access Modular Entry Mats are made for. These all-American rubber ramps are 2.5 inches high and extremely portable. You won’t have to worry about messing with nails, bolts or screws during installation. Simply lay it in front of the door, and you’re ready to go! If you want, you can trim the mats for a more perfect fit. Furthermore, increase the height up to two times by combining two mats and the EZ Access Modular Risers.

You should not have to be restricted just because you need a scooter or wheelchair for mobility. Roam anywhere in the land of the free with these American-made, durable ramps.