Maintain caregiver safety, wellbeing

Twenty-nine percent of the U.S. population is an unpaid caregiver of some sort. That is over a quarter of the population, not counting paid caregivers in homes and institutions across the country.

Whether caregivers are paid or unpaid, resources are often lacking. It is important for caregivers to stay healthy, but it is hard to look after one’s own health when their time is spent caring for the health of someone else.

Stick to safe practices

There are some simple solutions caregivers can take in order to look after their health. For example, using correct posture, keeping the back straight, using leverage appropriately and using proper equipment are all techniques to greatly improve the caregiver’s wellbeing, especially over a long span of time.

Caregivers benefit from adaptive aids

Among the many aids we sell to save the backs and joints of caregivers are items we have to make pushing wheelchairs easier and safer.

Pushing a grown adult in a wheelchair can be more challenging than it seems at first. Those of you who do it every day, uphill and downhill and through all kinds of terrain and weather, know this is true.

Raise wheelchair handle bars

Wheelchair Push Handle Extenders

Wheelchair Push Handle Extenders

Save your back with the Wheelchair Push Handle Extenders. There is no point in bending over farther than need be. These extra set of handles clamp onto the handles of wheelchairs to give you five more inches of height.

Take a break from bending over

Wheelchair Brake Lever Extension

Wheelchair Brake Lever Extension

Don’t bend over to put on the brakes. With the Wheelchair Brake Lever Extension, you have an extra six to eight inches of height. This makes it easier on your back and safer for your loved one in a wheelchair when on uneven surfaces. It will also make it easier for your loved one to put on the brakes when there is no one around to help.

Evade chair/umbrella juggling routine

Fleece Lined Hooded Poncho

Fleece Lined Hooded Poncho

Ever tried holding an umbrella for your loved one and pushing their wheelchair at the same time? It is an impossible task, and it doesn’t really keep your loved one dry. Stop straining and use the Fleece Lined Hooded Poncho. It will keep your loved one dry and allow you to focus on pushing the chair safely.

Easy is always better

Don’t make things hard on yourself. Our philosophy is that if something can be done easier, then that is the way it should be done. Let our wheelchair handle extenders, our brake extenders and our many other moving and transfer aids make your job easier.