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Making Your Place a Safe Space

For most of us our homes are our sanctuary, the place where we feel most comfortable and most safe. Without proper preparation, however, our residence can become hazardous. This is especially true for those with limited mobility or disabilities. We are going to share some aids with you that will help you to create a safe living space.

Preventing Slips and Falls

Slips and falls in the home are a common occurrence. Many people have experienced this mishap. If we were lucky it didn’t result in an injury or it resulted in only a minor injury. Did you know that falls account for 50 percent of accidental deaths that occur in the home or that 33 percent of seniors over the age of 65 will experience a fall? (nsc.org). These statistics alone are enough to warrant taking precaution.

Certain shoes may be a fall hazard on hardwood or tile floors and others may catch on the carpet, causing you to tumble. Fleece mocsocks offer fall protection while also keeping your feet warm. They have a double bottom with skid-resistant soles that provide an extra element of safety when walking around your home.

Water, soap or body wash and shampoo create a slippery environment in the bathroom. Getting out of the tub/shower can become hazardous. Safety treads and safety steps can make getting out of the tub and shower a safer task. Safety treads are waterproof non-slip treads which will make the surface more fall resistant. Safety steps provide stability and support to those who may have trouble climbing out of the tub. Their top is slip-resistant, they have rubber feet, and offer a four- inch boost. These features make them an excellent aid for getting out of a slippery wet tub safely.

A curve grab bar can prevent you or your loved one from taking a spill when you or they are getting up from the toilet seat. These grab bars are equipped with four hand grips that can rotate 180 degrees. You can choose and lock in place the position that is best for you. The horizontal bar provides additional stability to help keep you steady on your feet while you are standing and can support up to 300 pounds. If space is a concern the grab bar can be locked against the wall when it is not being used.

Reaching for an item on a high shelf can cause someone with limited mobility or balance issues to have a fall. A sliding reacher can help with this by giving an extension of up to 43 inches. A simple twist of the handle locks the jaws in place to securely grip any item up to five pounds and they are made of ABS plastic so they are lightweight, making them easy for you to hold.

Practice precaution with these and other home safety aids to help make your place a safe living space.

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