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CHT310 HandiThings Marble Maze Finger Mat
CHT310 HandiThings Marble Maze Finger Mat

HandiThings Marble Maze Finger Mat

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Fine motor finger mats are a great learning tool for special needs, childhood development, strengthening finger strength and coordination.
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The HandiThings Marble Maze Finger Mat is a fun to use tool designed to facilitate finger movement and fine motor skills. The fabric has a stitched maze with a securely enclosed steel ball that the user maneuvers through the maze.

The HandiThings Marble Maze Finger Mat facilitates finger isolation and pincer grasp, utilizes visual tracking, helps develop bilateral manipulation skills, and finger strengthening. This manipulation mat helps develop fine motor skills, and the coordination of small muscle movements in the fingers with the eyes. These skills help users achieve independence with many different daily living activities including eating, dressing, and writing. Each mat is made from stretch Tricot Fabric, with an eye-catching stitched maze, and the enclosed 3/8 inch steel ball cannot be removed. The Marble Maze 2 has a more intricate maze design and is more challenging than the Marble Maze 2. Choose from HandiThings Marble Maze 1 or 2.

HandiThings Marble Maze Finger Mat Specifications:

  • Choose: Maze 1 or Maze 2.
  • Measures: 8.5 inches wide, 14 inches long.
  • Material: Tricot fabric.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Made in: USA.

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