The month of June is really all about men—their contributions, health and wellbeing.

Not only does Father’s Day occur this month, but it is also Men’s Health Month. Furthermore, Men’s Health Week starts on June 9, 2014 and goes through Father’s Day, which is June 15.

What Men’s Health Month is for

Men’s Health Month is a time to raise awareness and, above all, encourage men’s health. The little-known truth is that men suffer sickness and death earlier than women by an astounding rate.

The stats speak for themselves

The Men’s Health Network reports that American men’s life expectancy is 76, while women’s is 81, and men have higher rates of the top ten causes of death, including heart disease. Dr. David Gremillion of the Men’s Health Network has dubbed this “a silent health crisis in America.”

Risks increase with disabilities

If you or your loved one is a man who uses a wheelchair or is otherwise disabled, the risk factors may even be significantly more.

Our men with disabilities—our fathers, husbands and brothers—deserve better. Encourage and help them improve their health and decrease risk factors.

Proper seating decreases certain risks

One possible area to improve is wheelchair seat positioning. Pressure sores and reduced blood circulation can result in serious health problems and increase risk for stroke and other causes of death.

Cushions relieve pressure

Posey Comfy Seat

Posey Comfy Seat

Many normal manual wheelchairs are uncomfortable and can be unhealthy over the long term. The Posey Comfy Seat fits into the seat to turn it into a fluffy, soft chair. This reduces risk for skin breakdown. Shouldn’t wheelchairs be as comfortable as any other chair? With the Posey Comfy Seat, it will be.

Posey Soft Seat, Back and Armrest Pads

Posey Soft Seat, Back and Armrest Pads

Alternatively, you can buy the smaller Posey Soft Seat and Back, as well as the Posey Soft Armrest Pads. The luxurious, synthetic fur padding of these cushions will protect skin from sticking to wheelchair vinyl and prevent pressure sores.

Care for elbows, forearms

Wheelchair Hemi Arm Positioner

Wheelchair Hemi Arm Positioner

In addition, arm positioning can greatly affect the health of arm joints and nerves and is important to get right. The Wheelchair Hemi Arm Positioner features a wrist strap and elbow stop for optimal positioning.

Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support

Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support

For those who need arm positioning support and lateral support, consider the Posey Deluxe Lateral Arm Support. Its two straps hold the arm in position and the plush sides prevent leaning.

Sitting in a chair for hours at a time requires careful positioning in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These positioning aids make for great Father’s Day gifts and can play an important role in reducing health risks.

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