One thing that’s often overlooked when making additions to mobile devices such as scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs, are cup holders. These devices are used daily for several hours a day and the option to carry a drink around isn’t always there, but staying hydrated is an important part in practicing better health. That’s when nifty gadgets like drink holders were created, to make life just a little bit easier on the go.

How it works

For standard drink holders for those with a bit more mobility, we recommend the Freedom Folding Cup Holders. This device is attached to a square tubing belonging to a scooter, walker, or wheelchair and is easily adapted. It has an adjustable clamping mechanism and a support leg to prevent accidental closure or spilling, making this a safe alternative to other methods of carrying drinks. What is especially nice about a folding cup holder is that it can also be used on rollators and bed rails, as long as there is tubing to attach it to. The arms adjust to secure drinks varying from 16 to 46 ounces. It also can fold flat to avoid knocking it against doorways or railings, making it a convenient product for storage.

For less mobile users, the Freedom Extra Long Quick Lock Drink Holder is the go-to for convenience and support. This drink holder has a lever clamp that attaches to round tubing on walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, and hospital bed rails. It is incredibly long, reaching at 20 inches fully extended and can support up to 2 pounds when horizontal, at its weakest point. For users that have less ability to reach, this can be a life saver as it has a high convenience level and great support. It is also heavy duty, so any large amounts of drink can be supported by this device.

As technology advances, we are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to bring ease and comfort into daily living with disabilities. Staying safely mobile is one of the biggest challenges for those with disabilities, it can bring on many inconveniences. It’s always recommended that additions and mods should be equipped to mobile devices like wheelchairs and scooters -- even walkers, as the ease and adaptiveness of these additions can truly make a difference.

Don’t settle for less, making adjustments and adapting is all part of the uphill battle of being mobile.

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