Monthly Giveaway for December: Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Pad Base
December 18, 2013
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December 23, 2013
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Monthly Giveaway for December: Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Pad Base

This Christmas season, we’d like to make it easier for those with disabilities to enjoy their holiday meals. The Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Pad Base is perfect for people with hand tremors, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, uncontrolled movement and disabilities that restrict hand movement necessary for eating independently.

Monthly Giveaway for December 2013

Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Pad Base

Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Pad Base

Enter to win our Monthly Giveaway simply by liking our Facebook page at Then click the Like button on the post titled The Wright Stuff DECEMBER GIVEAWAY. All fans of our page stand to win the Freedom Scoop Plate with Suction Pad Base. The random drawing will take place on December 26, so stay tuned!

The Freedom Scoop Plate is deeper on one edge than the other to allow for easier scooping. Folks who have difficulty with scooping food love this wonderfully designed plate. Rolling peas, sliding asparagus, and slipping spinach are all kept in check and corralled by this special scoop plate. The high wall and extended rim prevent food from sliding off. Most scoop dishes are smaller than standard dining plates, but the Freedom Scoop Plate is a full 9 inches in diameter.

Freedom Dinnerware Patented Suction Pad

Each Freedom Scoop Plate comes with a vacuum suction pad. Simply turn the dish over and attach the pad to the bottom, just like putting a lid on a jar, and turn it by hand until it is securely tight. The scoop plate is now ready for use.

The Freedom Suction Pad is a patented vacuum system. After putting the scoop plate with pad attached on a flat surface, push down with slight pressure. A a suction system is created that holds the scoop dish in place and will not move if you bump it or hit it. No more suction cup feet that slide and loose their grip. No more suction discs that become warped and slip.

Having a scoop plate that stays in place may be just the right adapted plate that someone you know needs to be able to enjoy their meal. We hope all our fans will enjoy dining with their family and friends this holiday season!