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Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit
Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit

Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit - Discontinued

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Collection of daily living devices designed to assist users with limited mobility perform a variety of commonly painful or difficult tasks pain free.
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The Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit is a collection of devices that are designed to assist users with a variety of commonly painful or difficult daily living tasks. The kit includes a telescoping reaching stick with a shoehorn, items that help with opening bottles, turning doorknobs and light switches, fastening buttons, and replacement shoelaces.

The Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit includes thoughtfully designed items users need to get ready in the morning. To help make dressing easier, the Nimbeze Shoe Helper Plus Shoehorn Reacher telescoping shoehorn and two pairs of no-tie shoelaces help users easily put on their shoes. The Button Helper allows users to easily thread buttons into buttonholes and pull stubborn zippers with a soft, easy-grip handle. The cylindrical center handle can be easily gripped by the whole hand, and on either end are metal attachments that provide a practical solution. One end features a hook for pulling zippers. The other has a uniquely shaped extension that slides over buttons and holds them so they can be pulled through the holes, allowing users to easily secure the button. The No-tie Laces are elastic laces that never need tying. Once installed, the replacement laces will tighten and expand as needed to keep footwear secure but comfortable.

To make tasks around the house easier, two large Finger Savers soft-grip knobs slide over lamp switches, pens, pencils, and make-up applicators to make the grip more comfortable and less stressful. These uniquely designed gripping aids fit snugly around most small and thin items that can become extremely hard to handle. Pens and light switches can be used with ease again due to the extended surface area and gripping strength. The Bottle Capper eliminates the challenge of opening and closing various types of bottle caps. Users with limited mobility or diminishing ability to accomplish many daily tasks will find the items in this kit can help provide a sense of relief from constant frustration by allowing them to perform a wide variety of tasks with less difficulty. The many helpful devices found in this kit are designed to reduce the strain and pain that can result from many common movements when dressing. The whole collection of dressing and household tools can be stored in the tote bag when not in use. The Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit helps users with physical limitations in dressing themselves and performing daily activities.

Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit Instructions

Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit Specifications:

  • Includes: One Shoe Helper Plus Shoehorn Reacher, one Button Helper, two Finger Savers, one Bottle Capper, two pairs of blue no-tie shoelaces, one draw-string tote bag.
  • Measures: 24 inches long, 6.5 inches high, 4 inches wide.
  • Weighs: 1.6 pounds.

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