Now selling GripEeze gloves, the perfect tool for spring

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Now selling GripEeze gloves, the perfect tool for spring

The Wright Stuff has become the US distributor for GripEeze gloves. These gloves offer those with arthritis a stronger, more comfortable grip on tools.

We hope you are enjoying the beginnings of this nice spring weather, and we know that many of you are already gearing up for your gardens and other DIY projects around the house.

Announcing Gripeeze Gloves distribution partnership

We are proud to announce we have become the US distributor of Gripeeze gloves. If you have arthritis and love to do outdoor projects, let us show you how the Gripeeze can make your hand feel better, lengthen your productivity time and help reduce damage over time to the arthritic joints in your hand.

How arthritis affects hands

According to the website of Arthritis Victoria, an arthritis foundation in Australia, any joint in the hand can be affected by arthritis, with the classic symptoms of joint pain, swelling and stiffness. This can make it painful to grip and manipulate objects.

You should pay attention to what actions cause stress in your hand and try to find other ways to do those actions in order not only to reduce pain, but also to save your hand from greater damage. Among Arthritis Victoria’s specific suggestions is to avoid gripping objects tightly and to use adaptive aids to make gripping easier.

That’s where the Gripeeze products come in.

Increase grip strength with Gripeeze

The Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid is a simple elastic wrist support with a durable strapping system. First strap the support around your wrist, place the desired tool in your hand, then pull the vertical strap over the fingers.

Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid

Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid

This takes the stress off of holding and gripping tools. In fact, with the Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid, you don’t have to do much of the gripping at all! This lightweight support does the work for you, holding your hand in just the right position.

If you need a more heavy-duty and weather-resistant glove, then try out the Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap (right handleft hand). Featuring the signature wrist-over-knuckle strap, it works the same way as the Gripeeze Elastic Tube Gripping Aid but is made of waterproof material and leather. This makes it the perfect tool for working on the exterior of your house or in the garden.

Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap

Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap

Like most folks this time of year, you probably have many projects you’ve been putting off. There’s no reason to punish yourself by not taking your arthritis into account. Make the smart decision and use available aids to your advantage, such as the Gripeeze gloves.