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On-the-Go Cups for Arthritis

Most Americans live a life on the go. We are all busy driving or walking from one place to another what with jobs, school and social get-togethers. But arthritis gets in the way of these everyday social interactions.

This can happen, for instance, when you are given a beverage at a party or a work luncheon. If you have arthritis or limited hand strength, holding that bottle of water or small paper coffee cup can be difficult. This creates a situation of social anxiety. Instead of risking having to do these difficult tasks or simply denying food and beverages, it is a good idea to think of strategies for being prepared. Having the right daily living aids on hand will help you participate and feel included in these situations.

A handle for almost any mug

Vivi Duo Cup Holder

Vivi Duo Cup Holder

For instance, if you are at someone’s house and they offer you a cup of coffee, it’s handy to have the Vivi Duo Cup Holder on hand. This dynamic cup holder gives you the ability to put a second handle on the mug, making any mug into a two-handed one. The special grips fit a variety of sizes of mugs, glasses and bottles, but it best fits those that are about 2 3/4 inches in diameter.

This is a truly adaptive product, as it caters to your needs instead of requiring you to carry around your own cup. Simply being able to use different cups improves your independence.

Keep straws from sinking into bottles

Vanity Cap Bottle Cap Straw Holders

Vanity Cap Bottle Cap Straw Holders

The Vanity Cap Bottle Cap Straw Holders are also very useful when out and about. If you rely primarily on straws for drinking, the situation can certainly turn sticky when someone offers you a bottle to drink out of. The fact is, bottles were simply not made for straws. Inevitably, the straw sinks to the bottom of bottle and leaves you awkwardly reaching your finger down the bottle to retrieve the straw. We’ve all been there! With the Vanity Cap Bottle Cap Straw Holders, no more worrying about this kind of stuff.

What makes both these products so valuable is that they do not reinvent the wheel by making a whole new bottle or mug. They can fit onto just about any bottle or mug, giving you more choice and freedom.

If you think someone you know could use these products, let them know!