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October 13, 2011
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Dressing Aids for One-Handed People/


There are many people in this world that cannot use both their hands. This disability might have been caused due to an amputation, paralysis or any other permanent of temporary illness of a similar nature. Among other things, it is challenging to dress using only one hand. Buttoning buttons and tying shoelaces is easier using two hands. Dressing aids are available to make dressing easier for single handed people.

Button Aids

Button aids are specially made to secure buttons. Simply insert this device in the button hole and loop the formed wire around the button. Then, pull the wire with the button back through the button hole. Button aids are available with large built up handles that are easy for arthritic hands to hold, weighted handles for people who have tremors, basic wooden or rubber textured handles. Some button aids have round ball-shaped handles. Look for smaller button aids for shirt buttons and larger heavy duty button aids for pants and jackets. Some button aids can be collapsed and are ideal for traveling.

Dressing Stick

The Dressing stick is a device designed to assist users putting on coats, shirts, dresses, skirts or trousers.  A lightweight dressing aid for positioning and locating clothing featuring a smooth wooden shaft hook with a large plastic coated “C” hook at one end and a specially “S” shaped “push/ pull” hook at the other.  It is useful for anyone who faces problems during the dressing phase, especially for people who have only one hand.  Dressing sticks are available with large foam handles for arthritic hands. Look for dressing sticks in different lengths too.

Elastic Shoelaces

Elastic shoelaces are ideal for anyone with the use of one hand to wear their favorite pair of shoes and put them on without tying them single handed. Elastic shoelaces are extremely useful for people with only one hand. Tie these shoe laces once when initially placing them in the shoe. Elastic laces stretch enough to allow the foot to slip right in with the aid of a shoe horn. Elastic laces are made in flat or round shapes and in different widths. A wide variety of colors and lengths are available too.

Sock Aids

Sock Aids hold a sock open to make donning socks easier. Slide the sock over the sock aid and the top of the sock will be held open for your foot to slip into. Use the handle to lower the sock aid to the floor. Slide your foot into the opened sock and pull on the handle until the sock is positioned on your foot and is off of the sock aid. Sock aids are available in a wide variety of shapes, materials, and styles. For single handed users, look for single rope handles for lowering the sock aid to the floor.

One Handed Belts

These belts are specially made for one handed people. It works on the principle of snap, slide and secure. You can simply snap on end to the first loop of your pant. This allows you to easily slide you belt through rest of the loops. Once the belt has gone through all the loops, you can easily secure the belt by joining the Velcro surfaces.  Self closing belts are available in a variety of colors and lengths.

Hair Dryer Holder

Hair dryer holders hold your hair dryer for you. Slip your hair dryer into the holder, position it where you need it, and let go for hands free hair drying. This product is particularly helpful for those with the use of just one hand. The flexible neck of this holder can be set at any angle to facilitate one handed people to use hair dryers efficiently. Look for hair dryer holders that are adjustable in height or wall mounted.

One Handed Nail Clippers

One handed nail clippers are for people who cannot use two hands for clipping their nails. The large base holds the nail clippers. Press the lever to clip nails simultaneously with one hand.

Dressing using one hand doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. You may need to approach the task differently, but with the right attitude, the right tools and the right clothes, you too can get dressed with success!

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