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Kitchen Products for One-Handed People

Solo Grip Jar and Bottle Opener

People who might have lost one of their hands due to any accident or illness may have to face a lot of problems while in the kitchen. Only the people who are going through this problem can understand the severity of it. Imagine cutting an apple with only one hand. To solve this problem, many companies have manufactured various adaptive equipment that make it easier for one handed people to work in the kitchen without the help of others.

Adaptive Cutting Equipment

Cutting aids help make working in the kitchen much easier for one-handed people. Cutting boards are ideal for cutting fruits, vegetables and even buttering a piece of bread. Four rubber suction feet hold the board in place while working with only one hand. Two food guards prevent food from sliding off edges and two spikes hold food secure while cutting. Also ideal for people with the use of only one hand are rocker knives. Simply apply gentle pressure to the handle with your whole hand and rock back and forth and the blade cuts food easily. Specialized cutting equipment will allow one-handed individuals to work more efficiently and independently in the kitchen.


Peeling potatoes, apples or cucumbers is certainly an impossible task for one-handed individuals, but there are products now available to make that task easy. The peeling plate holds the fruit or vegetable with its two sharp prongs and all you have to do is peel! Additionally, pot and pan holders are a must for cooking on a stovetop. Suction feet secure the Pan Holder to the stove and the wire frame holds the Pot handle while you stir your food, keeping the pan from accidentally turning and causing spills. These adaptive holders make it easier to prepare and cook food with only one hand.

Non Slip Mats

The dual non-slip surface of these mats provides a secure grip to your kitchen counter, table or desk. Whether you are using a mixer, eating or writing a letter, these mats are invaluable to one-handed individuals. They prevent paper from slipping while writing, and anchor bowls and plates while either preparing food or eating with one hand.


Suction dinnerware was designed for one-handed people in mind. These non skid plates and bowls stick securely to the table allowing people with only one hand to scoop food without the assistance of an aid or caregiver.


Opening jars, unscrewing lids and removing bottle tops can sometimes be difficult for even a two-handed person! The revolutionary design of one-handed bottle and jar openers relieve this troublesome task for the single handed person.

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