How to Make Writing Easier for People with Parkinson’s

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September 19, 2011
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How to Make Writing Easier for People with Parkinson’s

Parkinsons Writing Aids

Disability is bound to bring frustration to its bearer. Not being able to walk or play does have adverse effects on the patient. However, one of the more frustrating things is not being able to grip things – especially for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. They usually face problems like shakiness, tremors and difficulty writing. People suffering from this disease have difficulty in writing just because they cannot hold the pen properly. To help people with this disorder, there are now many writing aids available online which can help overcome this imperfection.

Pencil Grips

People with Parkinson’s sometimes have a problem while gripping a pencil. To help solve this problem, various grips are available which can really make writing easier for the patient. These grips can easily be mounted on your pencil to give you a firm hold. They come in different shapes and sizes allowing you to choose the right one for your specific problem.

Weighted Pen

These pens allow patients to grip and write more easily. They are specially made for people who have difficulty controlling their muscles. This pen is extremely light in weight with the option to add weight according to your comfort. Now you can choose the right weight for your pen simply by adding weights to your weighted pen.

Ring Pen

This pen also has proved to be very handy for patients who have problem gripping the pen. All you have to do is insert your index finger in the ring like space provided on the pen. Once you have done that – you will have more control over your writing. This pen is specially made for patients who suffer from shakiness. Apart from controlling muscles, this pen relaxes your fingers and wrist joints. By using this pen, you will never have to worry about getting cramps in your hand.

For people who cannot grip their pens at all, a ring writer clip would be the best option. When you clip this pen to your writing hand, the ring automatically slips into your finger making it possible for you to write with a steady hand. This clip comes in three different sizes so that you can choose the one that fits your fingers. Other than Parkinson’s, this pen can be useful for arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Steady Write Pen

Another choice for stabilized writing is using a steady write pen. This pen has a wide triangular base which plays a pivotal role in stabilizing your hand. You can balance your hand on the triangular base and write with ease. These pens are very commonly used for hand muscle and bone-related problems.

Although these instruments do not have the capacity to cure your disease, they can certainly reduce the frustrations that you have to face every single day. With the help of these writing aids, you now have the opportunity to compete with regular people both in educational institutes as well as in the corporate sector.

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