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June 12, 2015
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Picnic Day: Adaptive Trays, Tables

Today is a day of international proportions: International Picnic Day. This is an informal holiday but has an international scope, and it is believed that the day has it’s roots in labor movements at the turn of the 20th century that emphasized the picnic as a day for common folks to enjoy public spaces such as parks and town squares.

What counts as a picnic?

There is much history behind the idea of picnics that goes all the way back to the Middle Ages. In any case, the current culture of the picnic is fairly open-ended: eating with friends outdoors. A good picnic is something many of us haven’t had for a long time but that many of us need.

The problem

A breath of fresh air is good for the soul, but the problem for many people who use wheelchairs is that eating at picnics is often done standing up or sitting on the ground over a picnic blanket. This is highly inconvenient. Many with limited mobility and range of motion find it difficult to balance food and drink on their lap when they do not have the solid support of a table. Using every ounce of attention and energy in order just to hold onto things also takes away from laid back picnic conversation.

The solution

There is an easier way. Here are some wheelchair picnic aids that also happen to be useful in everyday situations.

A surface with extra grip

Grip Solutions Lap Board

The Grip Solutions Lap Board works perfectly for holding plates and cups in your lap without having to worry about them slipping between your legs or off the end of your knee. It’s also great for holding food in napkins or wrappers, and it even has a handy cup holder attached. Carry your lemonade and sandwiches while playing fetch with your dog. The Grip Solutions Lap Board gives you the power to multitask like never before.

A portable surface when you need it

Quick Desk

Another option is the Quick Desk, which is a desk that quickly adjusts to your leg, offering a stable surface in your lap area. If you are looking for something smaller just to be able to hold a paper plate or to write a quick shopping list, the Quick Desk is the solution for you.

Are you in a situation, such as a picnic, where you don’t have a table? Use the Grip Solutions Lap Board or the Quick Desk to bring a table with you wherever you go.