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ABM536 Polar Ice Wrist and Elbow Wrap
ABM536 Polar Ice Wrist and Elbow Wrap

Polar Ice Wrist and Elbow Wrap

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Easy-to-use, soft fleece wrap with encapsulated ice packs provides effective cold therapy and compression for forearm, wrist, elbow injuries.
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The Polar Ice Wrist and Elbow Wrap is designed to deliver the benefits of cryotherapy with compression for soft tissue trauma. This easy-to-use, soft fleece wrap with encapsulated ice packs is large enough to treat the entire forearm, from wrist to elbow.

The Polar Ice Wrist and Elbow Wrap easy-to-use ice pack provides effective relief from pain, swelling, edema, and soft tissue injury. Made from fleece, the wrap is comfortable to use and provides an insulating layer between the ice and the skin, preventing any frostbite that can occur with direct ice-on-skin contact. The encapsulated ice packs are filled with 100% natural spring water that freezes within 30-45 minutes. The ice packs are in separate pockets so that the ice doesn’t move out of position when in use, and allow the wrap to conform to the contours of the wrist and elbow. The ergonomically designed cover conforms to the shape and contours of the affected area. The soft fleece material covering helps keep skin from getting too cold and eliminates the migration of ice during use. Easy-to-adjust hook-and-loop straps help hold the wrap in place and provide compression. To apply the wrap, simply open the straps and insert the forearm so that the thumb sits comfortably in the side cut-out. Then use the hook-and-loop closure system to tighten the wrap around the forearm from wrist to elbow for the appropriate amount of compression. The specialized wrap provides long-lasting cold therapy for effectively reducing pain and swelling from acute or chronic injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist, forearm, or elbow fractures, Tendonitis (Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Wrist sprains, etc), wrist or elbow RSI. The Polar Ice Wrist and Elbow Wrap is ideal for post-surgery, during rehabilitation, and following physical activity for effective pain relief for bruises, sprains, or injuries requiring cold therapy.

Brown Med Polar Ice Instructions

Polar Ice Wrist and Elbow Wrap Specifications:

  • Size: Universal.
  • Measures: 15 inches long, 10 inches wide overall.
  • Item weighs: 1 pound.
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry the fabric wrap without the ice inserts.
  • Made in: USA.

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