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September 21, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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Prepping for Cold Weather

It’s official! September 22nd marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

The changing color of leaves, football games, and Thanksgiving are some of the things we can look forward to with this change of seasons. While these are some exciting things to look forward to, fall also brings with it a change in temperature. Are you ready for the colder weather? In this post we will share some tips for preparing for the drop in temperature.

Preparing yourself against illness

Fall is the beginning of flu season. According to WebMD, each year approximately 5-20% of the U.S. population is stricken with the flu. With this in mind, be sure to get your flu vaccine to help ward off this ailment.

Stocking the medicine cabinet with the basics — cough drops or syrup, Tylenol, vapor rub, etc. — may be a good idea, in preparation for that often unavoidable common cold.

For people with arthritis whose symptoms are intensified by the cold weather, you may want to invest in one of our heat packs or therapy wraps.

Skin Care

Colder weather often wreaks havoc on the skin, leaving it dry and chapped. Extra moisturizing is essential to keep your skin healthy during the fall and winter months. This can be accomplished by using some of the basic products such as Vaseline, chap stick, and lotion. If your feet are prone to drying out and cracking during the fall/winter months, our gel moisturizing socks may provide you with some feet relief.

Preparing Your Car

The change in temperature can also affect your vehicle’s performance. Now is a good time to have some fall car care maintenance performed. Car experts recommend the following preventative maintenance:

  • Battery testing
  • Tire pressure and tread check
  • Heating and cooling system inspection
  • Washer fluid and other fluids level check
  • Lights inspection
  • A tune up if needed.

Home Prep

Fall is a good time to handle some household tasks before winter rolls in. Better Homes and Gardens offers a checklist of tasks that will aid in your safety and possibly save you some money as well. Some of these tasks include:

  • Gutter inspection and cleaning
  • Weather stripping and caulking windows and doors
  • Driveway, sidewalk, and step repair
  • Draining outside faucets and irrigation systems
  • Cleaning or replacing furnace filters
  • Heating system inspection
  • Fireplace and chimney inspection/cleaning
  • Performing a home safety check that entails testing smoke and CO detectors
  • Inspecting and/or adding fire extinguishers
  • Reviewing or establishing emergency plans and getting rid of any fire hazards
  • Inspecting roof for possible damage or leaks

You can view the complete list, with additional details by reading this guide from Better Homes and Gardens.

These are tips that we have found to make the transition into fall a safer and more comfortable experience. What do you do to prepare for fall? Please share your suggestions below.

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