Prevent Aches and Pains This Halloween

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September 24, 2018
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Prevent Aches and Pains This Halloween

Happy Halloween! Cute little child with a pumpkin in the park.

Many kids’ favorite holiday is Halloween, all the candy and dressing up is a big deal for our youth. Parents, grandparents, and older siblings are normally responsible for spending this exciting day with them but sometimes things can get in the way. A condition like Arthritis or chronic back pain can certainly put a damper on the holiday, but there are ways to ease and possibly eliminate the pain of walking around all night. 

Treating Aches and Pains

Even as a child, all the candy in the world could never soothe my feet. That feeling doesn’t go away as we age and the idea of walking around door to door for candy gets less and less convincing. While some children above the ages of twelve can be perfectly safe walking around the block for Halloween, other children that are much younger need a parent or guardian with them. That leaves the trusty aunt or excited grandparent to brace their aching backs and sore feet to brave the night. There must be an easier way, right?

With the right shoes and a little help from a pair of Arthritic Gel Socks those feet wont hurt so bad at the end of the night. Proper footwear is only a small part of preventing aches and pains from Halloween night, but it’s definitely a start.

Sometimes kids have bigger eyes than they do stomachs, they might overfill their candy bag or need help carrying water, a Walker Tote Bag or a Wheelchair Backpack can remedy that problem for those chaperones that are using a walker or wheelchair.

There are other ways of preventing those aches and pains, such as mapping out a route to take before going on your journey of trick or treating. Knowing the distance that you plan to walk can help you prepare for it. Staying hydrated is also a key factor, Halloween isn’t always a chilly night and it can often leave us dehydrated without us realizing it.

The Next Day

Every kid within a mile has a sugar rush, every adult within a mile has a back ache. Using heat wraps can really lessen the irritation in sore muscles, and it’s a soothing therapy. If heat wraps aren’t your thing, hot and cold pads can do the trick with similar methods. Sometimes kids eat too much candy at once and gain a stomach ache, tums and sips of water can help soothe that.

Halloween is a fun holiday for friends and family to enjoy together so don’t let chronic pain get in the way of that quality time. Preventive care is just as important as after care and it can really make a difference in your experience. Stay safe and comfortable this Halloween!