Preventing Falls at Home in the Living Room

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December 30, 2011
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February 2, 2012
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Preventing Falls at Home in the Living Room

Floor to Ceiling Security Pole and Grab Bar

Floor to Ceiling Security Pole and Grab Bar

The living room is where most people spend their days. If it is cluttered, uncomfortable or unsafe, the living room can be a dangerous place for someone with mobility issues. Taking some basic precautions in the living room can make it safer. If you have mobility difficulties, it is still possible to have a comfortable and safe living room.

Add Furniture Risers

The recliner riser is a quick and easy way to raise the seat of your favorite recliner. The chair is physically raised 1 ¾ inches but the riser also incorporates an incline which aids in the movement necessary to stand up from the sitting position. Another form of furniture riser is a set of four bases which are added under each leg of a couch or chair. The benefit of these risers are that they bring the body closer to the standing position and put less work on the body to move into the standing position after sitting. Both types of risers are easy to install under the furniture and do not require special equipment. It will be necessary to briefly lift the furniture though. These options are less expensive than a mechanical lift chair. These options also still allow a person to use their own leg strength for transferring between standing and sitting positions.

Add Furniture Transfer Handles

The Couch Cane is a useful addition for anyone who struggles to get up from the sitting position on their couch. It can be combined with risers if necessary. The couch cane is a transfer handle for the couch, has a comfortable grip and slides under the couch leg to secure it into place. As the individual stands the cane offers stability and support during the full transfer range of movement. A swivel tray can be added to the couch cane and provides and easily accessible table surface. The Couch cane and swivel tray can be purchased together as the Assist-a-Tray for convenience.

Add a Transfer Pole

The most deluxe version of a grab bar you will ever find is a transfer pole. This tension bar is placed from the ceiling to the floor and stays secure by the tension mounting in the bar, which is similar to how a shower curtain rod stays in place. Transfer poles are available with different attachments to fit ceilings of various heights and styles, and they come with rubber pads so the pole will not damage the floor or ceiling when it is attached. Transfer poles can be installed in a variety of areas of the home that are not easily accessible when using a walker or wheelchair. Look for the Health Craft Super Pole with a bar extension handle that pivots around, or the Standers Security Pole and grab bar. The grab bar has a pivoting handle which rotates with you as you stand.

Clearing Clutter

Another simple and easy way to keep the living room safe is to clear the clutter. Make mobility easier by getting rid of objects which interfere with your movement from the couch or other sitting areas in your living room. Rearranging the furniture to accommodate a less cluttered feel might also be helpful to keeping the living room safe as your mobility needs change.

Any, or all, of these simple tasks can make your living room a much more comfortable location for you to relax and enjoy. Try any one of these ideas or all four of them and you will soon be living in a safe and comfortable living room.