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Push Med Knee Brace
Push Med Knee Brace

Push Med Knee Brace

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Unique side hinges allow full motion while offering comfortable support.
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The Push® Med Knee Brace is a streamlined knee brace designed to provide optimal knee stabilization with less bulk. Users can wear this slim knee brace under clothing and experience non-slip support for knee pain relief.

The Push® Med Knee Brace is designed with unique side hinges that allow full motion while offering comfortable support. The brace follows the natural motion of the knee using unique leaf spring hinges that remain close to the joint, providing better medial-lateral support. Internal silicone strips prevent the brace from slipping, and the streamlined contour allows it to be worn under clothing. Ideal for women and men, this brace is indicated for users with Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis of the knee, instability after trauma or injury, or those needing for post-operative protection after surgery.

The Sympress™ microfiber material creates a soft feel against the skin while wicking away moisture for increased comfort, and is Latex free. To determine the best size for the Push med Knee Brace, bend the knee to a 90-degree angle and measure around the narrowest part of the knee as shown, then choose the corresponding size from the chart. The unique “dot system” helps users secure each strap to the proper place, in the proper order. Simply start with the strap that has one dot on the hook-and-loop pad at the end, and secure it to the hook-and-loop pad on the brace that has a matching dot. Repeat with the strap that has two dots, and so on, till the brace is secured. The brace can be machine washed on a gentle cycle at a low temperature. The Push Med Knee Brace with unique leaf spring hinges, low profile design, and non-slip grips provides comfortable support for managing knee pain.

Push braces are designed in consultation with medical experts to be anatomically correct and provide optimal support with minimal impact on daily activities. They are made in Europe with premium quality, machine-washable materials for comfort and durability.

Push Med Knee Brace Information

Push® Med Knee Brace Specifications:

  • Choose size: 1 to 5 . Size 1 fits 11 - 12-1/4 inches, Size 2 fits 12-1/4 - 13-1/8 inches, Size 3 fits 13-1/8 - 14-1/2 inches, Size 4 fits 14-1/2 - 16-1/8 inches, Size 5 fits 16-1/8 - 17-3/8 inches.
  • Fits: Left or Right Knee.
  • Materials: Sympress microfiber, hook and loop fasteners.
  • Care: Machine washed on gentle cycle at low temperature.

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