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RAD140K RAD All In Body Massage Kit
RAD140K RAD All In Body Massage Kit

RAD All In Body Massage Kit

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Set of 7 massage tools incluing muscle flushing, trigger point release, spinal alignment, and relaxing massage tools for full body recovery.
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The RAD All In Body Massage Kit includes a set of 7 myofascial release tools that are bundled together for easy on-the-go use at home, the gym, the yoga studio, or for storage. This kit combines point release tools with flushing tools for all-over use including muscles in the back, piriformis, neck, IT bands, spine, feet, hands, and legs.

The RAD All In Body Massage Kit with seven massage tools allows users to perform fascia massage to reduce inflammation and strain on soft tissue trigger points for an increased sense of wellness and body awareness. This comprehensive kit includes the RAD Foam Block, RAD Helix, RAD Rod, RAD Roller Original, and RAD Rounds Set of 3. The RAD Rounds deliver pinpoint pressure anywhere, the RAD Roller smooths away knots, the RAD Helix unwinds the lower back, the RAD Rod massages hard-to-reach areas, and the RAD block elevates, stabilizes, and stores it all. The RAD Block provides an elevation platform for using the RAD Roller and RAD Rounds for better leverage in hard-to-reach places. It stabilizes the tools and allows the user to isolate pressure with no rolling. The block also has handy storage slots for the items for easy, full-kit travel. The RAD Helix foam roller has an arched design that replicates a double helix. Better than a traditional foam roller, the anatomical shape relentlessly unlocks stiffness and flushes out toxins to promote healthy muscle tissues. The RAD Rod steel core massage stick can be used by itself or inserted through the RAD Helix for increased control when applying pressure. The RAD Roller Original is the peanut roller for massaging away pain points. The RAD Rounds Set of 3 massage balls in different densities and sizes allows users to pinpoint pressure for targeted relief. The RAD All In Body Massage Kit easy-to-use massage tools help users recover faster post-exercise, minimize movement restrictions, stay injury free, increase strength, speed, and improve wellness.

RAD Foam Block User Guide

RAD Helix User Guide

RAD All In Body Massage Kit Specifications:

  • Includes: Foam Block, RAD Helix, RAD Rod, RAD Roller Original, RAD Rounds Set of 3.
  • Materials: Block: High-density foam, Helix: ABS, high-density foam, Rod: Eco-friendly silicone and high-density foam (outer), steel (inner), Roller: Eco-friendly silicone, Rounds: Eco-friendly silicone.
  • Dimensions: Block measures 8.5 inches long, 6.25 inches wide, 3.75 inches high. Helix measures 12.5 inches long, 3 inches diameter, RAD Rod measures 22 inches long, 0.75 inch diameter, RAD Roller measures 4.9 inches long, 2.5 inches diameter, RAD Rounds measure 0.75 inch diameter - black, 1.6 inch diameter - blue, 2.2 inch diameter - green.
  • Weights: Block 10.6 ounces, Helix 1 pound, Rod 1.2 pounds, Roller 13 ounces, Rounds 0.3 ounces - black, 1.6 ounces - blue, 3.6 ounces - green.
  • Packaging: BPA, latex and plastic free, Recyclable packaging.

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