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RAD104 RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool
RAD104 RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool

RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool

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Soft roller designed to create functional point release all along the spine without putting painful pressure on the spine itself.
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The RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool is a self-massage tool engineered to take pressure off the spine. This soft, peanut-shaped roller fits perfectly where large foam rollers cannot for effective myofascial release and pain relief.

The RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool handheld self-massage roller features a unique design that can fit comfortably between the shoulder blades to relieve neck and upper back tension. Users with hunchback posture or upper back pain will find this soft roller helpful for releasing tight mid-thoracic muscles, which can help users improve their breathing. This self-massage tool features more surface area than traditional tools and is ideal for use in areas where large foam rollers are too large to reach. The Soft RAD Roller is perfect for users new to rolling massage techniques and should be used to treat the neck, scalp, or back for light pain levels. The groove in the middle of the roller is called a Spinal recess and allows the roller to avoid contact with the delicate bones of the spine and keep the release in the muscles. This massage roller can be used on its own or inserted into the slots of the RAD Block for hands-free, isolated pressure in hard-to-reach spots. The RAD Roller was specially designed to help relieve tension associated with hunchback posture, upper back pain, tight hips, sore shoulders, lack of mobility, muscle tension, fascia pain, and small muscle groups. The RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool features soft firmness and is ideal for upper back pain relief, tight calves, or tension headaches. recommended post-treatment on the legs, the back, or the neck for best results.

RAD Rollers are the functional, portable solution for treating client muscle aches and soreness, and are available in soft, original, stiff, and XL densities. Softer densities are better for newbies to rolling, or more sensitive areas. The more dense the roller, the higher the intensity for digging into muscles.

RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool User Guide

RAD Roller Soft Massage Tool Specifications:

  • Color: Green.
  • Materials: 100% eco-friendly silicone. BPA, latex, and plastic free.
  • Size: 4.9 x 2.5 inches.
  • Weighs: 13 ounces.
  • Packaging: Recycleable.
  • Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer warranty on all RADRoller products; please contact the manufacturer for more information.

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