Remember Your Loved Ones During National Card and Letter Writing Month

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April 6, 2014
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Remember Your Loved Ones During National Card and Letter Writing Month

April is officially known as National Card and Letter Writing Month. This is a great time for us to reconnect with our friends and family the old fashioned way – by actually breaking out pen and paper, an envelope and a stamp, and writing them a letter!


This is an especially good time for all of us to remember our friends and loved ones who are struggling with various illnesses of age, such as stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. People close to us who are ill, as well as their caregivers, really appreciate that you remember and care about them. So, during April, take a half an hour and write a letter to someone that you know who is dealing with a difficult illness. You really could help to lift their spirits during a difficult time of their lives.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some good reasons to whip out pen and paper and write to someone close to you:

  • Letters last. Unlike emails that disappear into the ether, letters stay with us forever. Your loved ones, even your grandchildren, may find your letters from years ago. They will be able to meet a younger version of you. Remember: Much of what we know about history comes from letters. Letter writing is a chance for all of us to live a bit of a legacy.
  • Sincerity. Email and texts are fine, but they are not a great investment of your time. People that we love – especially those who are ill – are worth our time and effort. A letter from you to an ill relative is a testament of your love for that person. It tells them that you took the time to show that you care, and that means a great deal to someone battling a serious illness.
  • Language lives on. English is a beautiful language, and we often rely on acronyms, abbreviations and emoticons to express ourselves. Would you rather get a text message that reads “I Luv U,’ or get a real letter in the mail that says: “You mean a great deal to me, and I love you.’ Which would you like better?
  • Break up the junk mail. A real, handwritten envelope is a real change from the normal piles of catalogs and credit card bills in our mailboxes. A real letter in the mail gives the recipient something to actually look forward to when she goes to the mailbox.

So, in the month of April, be sure to take a few minutes to write to a loved one – especially one who is dealing with illness or disease. You will really brighten their day!