Restless Legs Syndrome Week: Getting comfortable

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July 17, 2014
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Restless Legs Syndrome Week: Getting comfortable

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) Education and Awareness Week, sponsored by the Pharmacy Council on Women’s Health, has begun. RLS has often been misdiagnosed and not taken seriously, but thanks to efforts to raise awareness of this common problem, it is receiving more attention.

RLS occurs when someone has unpleasant sensations in the legs and other parts of the body, especially when trying to sleep at night. Symptoms also include a strong urge to move the legs to make them feel better.

Arthritis linked to RLS

While sometimes RLS is caused by iron deficiencies or pregnancy, the cause is usually unknown. Parkinson’s disease, certain forms of arthritis, diabetes and other conditions are linked to RLS.

Manage RLS

Managing RLS at home often includes being comfortable in bed, establishing a sleep routine for when symptoms are low, and using hot and cold packs or taking hot or cold baths.

Our hot and cold packs can be tools you use to manage RLS symptoms. Why use annoying ice bags or dangerous electric heating pads when you could use these state-of-the-art hot and cold pads.

Easily make pad hot or cold

Soft Comfort Large Hot & Cold Pad

Soft Comfort Large Hot & Cold Pad

The Soft Comfort Large Hot & Cold Pad can be placed on your legs for hot or cold therapy. Store in the freezer for cold therapy or heat in the microwave for soothing heat therapy, whichever you find helps you best. The Soft Comfort Large Hot & Cold Pad features a frost free cover that does not have to be wrapped in a towel.

Use clean moist heat therapy

MediBeads King Pad

MediBeads King Pad

Immerse your legs in the large MediBeads King Pad. MediBeads pads are microwaved to deliver deeply penetrating moist heat therapy. The pad pulls in moisture from the air when microwaved, purifies it and releases is as clean moist heat.

Get comfortable in bed

Suffering restless symptoms while trying to sleep is not only annoying but can result in serious sleep deprivation and sleep disorders. Establishing a routine that works for you is critical. When trying to get comfortable, try some of our leg positioning pillows.

Prop up feet

Elevated Leg Rest

Elevated Leg Rest Pillow

The Elevated Leg Rest Pillow keeps your legs in a raised position, which helps poor circulation. After walking on your legs all day or sitting in an office chair or wheelchair, propping your legs high up will be a nice change.

Support the knees

Knee Wedge Pillow

Knee Wedge Pillow

The Knee Wedge Pillow is made of soft foam that gives durable knee support throughout the night and helps relieve back pain.

RLS is highly manageable and sometimes completely treatable. Always consult with your doctor. Try these daily living aids and discover what helps your situation best.