If you have been dealing muscle problems or bone and joint pain, you know it can affect even the simplest tasks that you used to take for granted. Sometimes, even finding a chair that's halfway comfortable seems like a chore.

The reasons for pain when sitting can be varied. Arthritis inflammation is capable of affecting just about any area of the body, and if you experience pain episodes in your back, this can affect your level of seating comfort.

If you have muscle pain or muscle weakness, chairs with hard cushions can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. With mobility impairments, you might experience pressure sores. This is because while traditional cushions may be soft, they are not conducive for easily changing positions, nor are they strategically built to distribute your weight equally. If your body is bearing most of its weight on one area of your posterior, it can cause severe pain if you are in the same position for an extended period of time.

That old chair you used to love might seem impossible to get comfortable in, and many people end up trapped in a vicious cycle of throwing their old chair away and getting a new one. When the new chair is found to have all the same problems, they will go out to try to find yet another chair.

But there's no need to fall into this cycle. Keep that old chair and save yourself some money. Not only is it a wise financial choice, but it's also a charming chair. Maybe it has sentimental value. Maybe your old chair has been passed down from generation to generation. Maybe you just can't bring yourself to throw it away.

Other people might not understand where you're coming from but we do. Let us tell you about our solution.

It's called the EquaGel Straight Comfort Gel Cushion, and it is scientifically manufactured to distribute your body weight equally while you are sitting.

Instead of forcing you to sit in a certain position, the EquaGel Straight Comfort Gel Cushion works with your body and adjusts to your motions by way of its revolutionary grid structure and dry-polymer gel material.

You might be asking, "What's the benefit of the grid structure?" This state-of-the-art design takes full advantage of what we call "column buckling" Column buckling occurs when the walls of one of the grid cells, which is made to hold only a small bit of weight, collapses when it has reached its weight threshold, thereby distributing weight to other areas of the grid surface.

Air cushions have become popular lately, but they require great accuracy when you air them up in order to achieve the desired level of pressure relief, and they can cost hundreds of dollars. The EquaGel Straight Comfort Gel Cushion has been shown in some tests to out-perform air cushions when it comes to weight distribution, as shown in the pressure maps pictured below.

See the difference? The EquaGel Straight Comfort Gel Cushion shows up in blue over the entire area of the posterior, meaning that it results in the lowest pressure of all the seats studied.

Next time you are tempted to throw out that old chair, wait! The EquaGel Straight Comfort Gel Cushion may be all you need to turn that ancient artifact into a seating experience worthy of the 21st century!