Senior Safety Using Alarms and Pagers

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February 19, 2012
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February 23, 2012
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Senior Safety Using Alarms and Pagers

It is difficult to feel safe if your loved one is capable of leaving the residence without notifying anyone. It is difficult to know when they left, if they are safe and when they will return. This stress is a constant problem for anyone who has struggled with a senior in their life who needed constant monitoring. Using monitoring devices might not prevent all episodes of worry, but these devices do offer a safe way of monitoring your loved one. You can even offer a bed ridden senior the benefit of a paging device so they do not need to try and get out of bed or scream for you when assistance is needed.

Specific uses for Alarms

Alarms are useful for a variety of situations, they can notify staff or loved ones when a person is leaving a room or going into unwanted areas. Putting an alarm on a door leading outside is a useful way of preventing a loved one from exiting the home unnoticed. Simply install the signal alert on any door and as it is opened you will hear a chime. You can also use a motion detector alarm to signify motion in an area where there should not be motion. The receiver for both devices can securely sit up to 100 feet away from the alarms.

Benefits of Alarms

Safety is an overwhelming benefit from any type of alarm system, but especially for personal alarms, which monitor loved ones. The wander alarm with motion detector is capable of sensing movement from an individual in a chair or bed as well as someone moving through a doorway or into a room. The door alarm is useful to monitor specific doorways which patients or family members might be using. The door alarm can be set to a loud alarm sound or a simple chime to notify staff or family members that someone is using that door. The door alarm can also be used to monitor when a window is opened. When a door, or window, is opened a signal is sent to the receiver and notifies whoever is holding the receiver that a door or window has been opened.

Personal Paging

This type of paging system is ideal for household where one member may be far away from the mobility challenged senior. One piece of the paging system is worn around the seniors neck while the receiver can be carried anywhere within 100 feet. The benefits of this paging system are that a person can easily summon help without screaming or trying to get the attention of an aid inappropriately. The neck pager is light and can also attach to a belt or other piece of clothing.

Incorporating one or more of these safety techniques takes minimal time but offers a great deal of peace of mind for the safety of your loved one. Combine one or more safety devices to ensure safety in several different situations throughout the home.