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Sign Your John Hancock With Ease

Happy Fourth of July to all our readers! Today is a day we celebrate the founding of this great country. Did you know that the Declaration of Independence, while approved on July 4, 1776, was not formally signed until August of the same year?

The copy of the Declaration on display in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., was signed on August by John Hancock and the other delegates present. It is this copy that features John Hancock’s famously large and flamboyant signature. Legend has it that the reason he signed his name to stick out so much was so that King George would be able to read it without taking off his spectacles.

John Hancock has become so popular for his signature that his name is associated with the term signature itself. For many with disabilities that affect movement in the hand, especially fine motor skills, signing their “John Hancock” is not so simple. However, with the correct pen holding aid, you can make your signature look good enough to be on just about any official document!

An aid to sign your John Hancock

The Wanchik’s Writer is a great way to enable those with arthritis or other conditions to hold their pen in the proper manner. Not only can it give you increased writing ability, but it may very well prevent pain and cramping in the hand.

Wanchik's Writer

Wanchik’s Writer

The magic of the Wanchik’s Writer is that is is easy to put on, requiring no straps, yet positions your hand in the perfect position for writing. The loop below your index finger holds the pen or pencil for you. The plastic-wrapped metal support fits around the area just below the index finger knuckle and arches under the index finger up to the loop pen/pencil holder. In order to get the correct size, measure the length between the very bottom of the index finger to the crease of the fingertip joint. In technical terms, that is the metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint and the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint.

Add forearm support

Wanchik Writer 2

Wanchik Writer 2

For even more support for the hand affected by arthritis, the Wanchik Writer 2 offers you the ability to support the pen-holding device using your forearm. This forearm extension fits along the top of the arm and is secured with straps. This takes even more pressure off the hands and provides stability to decrease wrist pain.

A writing aid for kids

Wanchik's Junior Writer

Wanchik’s Junior Writer

There is also a Wanchik Writer for kids affected by arthritis or other hand limiting conditions. The Wanchik’s Junior Writer is for kids or adults with small hands measuring 2.5 inches from the index MP to DIP crease.

Next time someone asks you for your John Hancock, be prepared with the Wanchik’s Writer. Share with friends!