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CSK410 Skil-Care Drainage Bag Holder Solid Vinyl
CSK410 Skil-Care Drainage Bag Holder Solid Vinyl

Skil-Care Drainage Bag Holder

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Vinyl pouch discreetly conceals a catheter bag from view.
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The Skil-Care Drainage Bag Holder is an easy-to-secure bag designed to discreetly conceal a urine drainage bag from public view. Adjustable straps securely attach the bag to a wheelchair, transport chair, geriatric chair, or bedside rail.

The Skil-Care Drainage Bag Holder durable vinyl pouch slips over the urinary drainage bag and keeps it secured. The heat-sealed sides and bottom of the vinyl bag contain accidental spills. Sized to fit most urine bags, the bag is designed to hang from bedside rails, under a wheelchair, or a geriatric chair. To use the holder, place the straps around the chair frame or bed rail and through the plastic rings at both sides of the bag. Next, adjust the bag to the desired height. Place the bag in the holder and secure the holder closed by pressing the hook tabs against the loop material. Excess tubing may be looped and stored in the holder. The bag is made of bacteriostatic vinyl that is durable and easy to clean and measures 13 inches wide, and 8 inches high. Choose from a single or case quantity of the solid vinyl bag or the window view model that features a clear window opening to allow fluid level monitoring. The Skil-Care Drainage Bag Holder provides catheter bag users with a convenient way to conceal a urine collection bag.

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