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Spot Warm Electric Warmer : Couch
Spot Warm Electric Warmer : Couch

Spot Warm Electric Warmer : Couch

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Hidden electric couch cushion warmer with wireless RF remote, microplush flannel heated seat, 24 by 20 inches.
Part Number: APM510C
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The Spot Warm Electric Warmer Couch is an electric warmer designed to fit a couch or sofa seat. Simply unzip the couch cushion cover and insert the warmer.

The Spot Warm Electric Warmer Couch is a hidden heat electric warmer designed to provide adjustable, comfortable heat. The cords remain hidden and a convenient wireless RF remote provides easy user-friendly control. The adjustable controller has 6 different heating levels each with its own auto-shutoffs. The easy-to-use 10-foot long power cord reaches outlets easily and stays hidden underneath the couch cushion. Super plush construction allows the warmer to fit seamlessly into the top inside of any standard couch cushion, providing added comfort to your cushion. The quick heating wire grid heats up faster than standard electric warmers and retains heat for longer. Controlled by a wireless RF remote, the warmer stays hidden under the cushion cover. The Spot Warm Electric Warmer Couch provides comfortable, adjustable heat for increased comfort.

Spot Warm Electric Warmer : Couch Specifications:

  • Pad measures: 20 inches long, 24 inches wide.
  • Voltage Power Required: 110-120V.
  • Fits: Couch cushions that unzip and are larger than 24 inches wide, 20 inches long.
  • Controller: Wireless RF remote with 6 adjustable heat settings each with auto-shutoff.

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