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Stander Bed Caddie
Stander Bed Caddie

Stander Bed Caddie

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Bed ladder support assist handle helps make sitting up in bed easier.
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The Stander Bed Caddie is a long strap with handles designed to assist users with general weakness or decreased back strength to pull themselves up to a sitting position in bed. This bed ladder system has cushioned grip handles and is made of durable nylon.

The Stander Bed Caddie has a long loop that attaches to the foot of the bed, and another loop with a 3 tiered handle system. The ergonomic buckle design allows the long loop to easily attach to the bed and accommodates most metal framed and wood framed beds. The ladder design handle system has cushioned grips that provide added comfort when the user is pulling themselves up into a sitting position. The Bed Caddie is easy to assemble and attach to the bed. First, loop the lower around the bed frame, then snap the easy connect buckle into place. Next, adjust the strap length so that the first handle lies at waist level when lying in bed.

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