We wish all our patrons and friends a good summer and a fun break from school and work. And for those who are retired, the summer is a good break from the cold and a time to go outside, sit and smell the roses.

We know that many of you are probably planning to catch up on your reading this summer. There’s nothing better than enjoying the back patio with a cool glass of lemonade and an intriguing legal thriller or a romantic escape. For this reason, let’s take a look at some of our best reading aids that will have you turning pages faster and easier than ever before.

Hold any size book

Roberts Book Holder

Roberts Book Holder

The Roberts Book Holder is a great addition to your patio table. For those who have trouble holding books open and at an appropriate angle for reading. The Roberts Book Holder is made of durable plastic and features a book support with pegs and holes in the front that adjust to any book thickness. The pegs faithfully hold the pages open but also allow for easy page turning.

A book holder that looks like furniture

The Bed Desk

The Bed Desk

The Bed Desk made of imported Baltic Birch is an elegant addition to your household. Read with sophistication and style with this wooden book holder anywhere in your house, including the back patio, living room, study desk or bed. The Baltic Birch gives the Bed Desk a homey look to go well with your other furniture.

Paperbacks no longer hard to hold

Hold-and-Read Page Holders

Hold-and-Read Page Holders

Reading a nice new paperback in the car on summer vacation is a pastime many enjoy, but holding paperbacks open is often very difficult for people with hand weakness or people who can only use one hand. The Hold-and-Read Page Holders hold paperbacks open, requiring only one hand or no hands at all. The pages still easily turn, and the clip is clear plastic, allowing you to see more.

Tablets made even handier than before

Not all of us read out of books anymore. This is the 21st century, after all, and many of us have switched almost completely to ebooks. Ebook devices, such as the iPad and the Kindle, are so portable and easy to use that they are often more accessible to those with disabilities.

LEVO eBook Stand

Levo eBook Stand

The Levo eBook Stand holds any popular ebook device at any angle and can be used anywhere in the home. Read and surf the web on your favorite tablet from your favorite chair without having to hold the device.

Get your summer reading done with these and other helpful reading aids.

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