Summer Vacationing with a Disability

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December 4, 2018
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Summer Vacationing with a Disability

Landscape view of a sandy beach with disabled access and sunbeds at tropical luxury hotel resort

Yes, it’s almost summer and you and your family may very well be in the planning stages of what you want to do for your summer vacation. Perhaps it’s already planned! Wherever you are in this planning process, if you or your traveling companion has a disability, it is essential to be proactive and have the foresight to identify the potential challenges to help make your vacation that much more enjoyable. Of course, depending on the type of summer vacation you are planning will depend on the type of accommodations you will need to make.

Making Proper Travel Accommodations

Thinking about a beaching it? Making proper travel accommodation can make or break your vacation. This type of getaway can be quite tricky for someone who has just recently suffered an injury, finished rehabilitation, has a chronic disability or a balance issue with a propensity to fall. The Drop Support Harness for Adults is the perfect solution—an upper body support mobility safety aid that wraps around the waist, chest and torso. The attached handle on the back provides vertical support as it runs the length of the torso. Now you can make sure to stay vertical!

Perhaps you are planning a car trip, where you will be making frequent stops and exiting and entering the car several times a day. This, in itself, can be exhausting for someone who is not agile enough to easily maneuver themselves in and out of a car. One effective solution is to use The Auto Handy Bar Transfer Handle. This ingenious tool provides sturdy support—the large grip bar and its smart technology enables this apparatus to lock securely in place onto the car door. Hence, if you or your traveling companion(s) has limited mobility, you will be able to better manipulate the transition in and out of the car.

If your summer vacation plan includes plane travel, you must prepare ahead of time. We all know that plane travel is no longer an easy exercise—in fact, it is stressful at best. From the long lines at baggage check and security lines, as well as the long walks down to the gate, this can be particularly stressful on someone with mobility issues. If you struggle walking long distances but want to get to the gate yourself, having the proper walking aid can make all the difference; The Up-Walker Posture Walker Mobility Aid has several features that makes it easier for someone with mobility issues—a padded armrest support that can be height adjusted, easy pivot hand grips for optimal wrist position, ergonomic handbrakes that allow the brakes to easily lock that increases stability and better control. This posture walker also has a seat and backrest giving the user the option to stop and rest when necessary; the padded handles help to make the transition between sitting and standing safer and easier.

Summer vacationing with a disability, if properly planned, can be enjoyable and filled with fond memories.