The easiest way to read books and ebooks

We know that many of our readers out there are avid book readers! However, arthritis and other conditions can make reading a good novel not so relaxing. Let’s look at ways to alleviate the strain.

Read on an ebook device

Ebook devices, such as the Kindle, iPad and Nook have soared in popularity in the last several years. This is great for many people with disabilities, because it means publishers are quick to make their books available in electronic formats.

Ebook devices make reading much easier by giving you the ability to flip the page at the touch of a button or by tapping the screen. Furthermore, you don’t have to strain your hand muscles by keeping the book held open. This is especially handy with new, rigid paperbacks.

LEVO eBook Stand

LEVO eBook Stand

If you want to make your ereading experience even more of a breeze, the we have just the right product for you — the Levo eBook Stand!

Want to relax in your lazy chair and still be able to read at a comfortable angle?

The Levo eBook Stand simply rolls next to your furniture and extends your ereader or tablet directly in your field of vision. Straps hold it in place, allowing you to read even lying down.

Another hack for reading books

LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand

LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand

Not all books can be ebooks, and some people just prefer good old paper anyway. You can make reading physical books as easy as reading the latest Kindle or iPad. Just use the LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand.

The LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand works in very similar manner to the Levo eBook Stand but has a special clipping system to hold books up to four pounds securely. Great for reading novels, paperback, hardbacks and manuals, the LEVO G2 Book Holder Stand features two prongs that hold the pages back but still allow you to turn the page.

Reading shouldn’t have to be difficult. Lie back, relax and enjoy your next page-turner with one of these convenient holders.