The Stroke Survivor’s Guide to Holiday Visiting

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September 28, 2015
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The Stroke Survivor’s Guide to Holiday Visiting

It’s that time of year when family, friends and others gather to share special moments and memories. Your loved ones will generally try very hard to ensure your comfort, but there are things they may not know to consider.

Here are a few tips to make those visits easier.

Day Visits:

Thinking ahead and asking questions will boost your comfort.


What is the location’s access like?
o Are there stairs?
o Will you be on the first floor? If not, is there an elevator?
o Are there narrow hallways?


What are the seating arrangements?
o Bring your own lightweight chair if there is any question about seating


How accessible is the bathroom?
o Is the entrance wide enough?
o Is the room accessible with ambulation aids?
o Are there safety rails?

Travel Visits:


Always ask ahead regarding accessibility:
• Is there an elevator?
• Do they have in-house dining?
• Are there grab bars and accessible bathrooms?


• A non-stop flight will save time and energy
• An aisle seat is easier to access with one side weakness
• Travel light (avoid checking luggage if possible)
• Prepare for security ahead of time (easy to remove shoes, empty pockets)
• Ask for the help that is available (early boarding, wheelchair use)

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Standers Assist-A-Tray Standing Aid with Tray

Standers Assist-A-Tray Standing Aid with Tray

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