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June 4, 2015
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This Day In History: The Washing Machine!

This day in 1907, the first commercially sold clothes washer debuted in the United States. Called the Thor, it introduced America to an all-new way of washing clothes. Automatic clothes washers had not been considered very functional up until that moment, and the Thor began a tradition of popping clothes in the machine and pressing a button. Can you imagine we ever survived without this invention.

Washing clothes is relatively not that difficult any more, but for people with low range of motion or other upper extremity weakness, getting dress is physically challenging and sometimes painful. If washing clothes isn’t hard, we believe putting them on shouldn’t be hard either!

The multi-purpose dressing stick

As it turns out, one of the best inventions for making putting on clothes easier happens to be none other than the stick! But not just any stick. Read about these three extremely useful dressing sticks to see which one you could use the most.

Lightweight, wooden stick

Dressing Stick

Dressing Stick

The Dressing Stick is a thin, lightweight wooden stick with a section of foam handle. The rubber S-shaped end is great for catching clothes and pulling them over those hard-to-reach areas of the body, such as the shoulder. The C-shaped hook on the other end functions as a great zipper pull. The Dressing Stick measures 27.5 inches long.

Plastic stick with foam, shoehorn

Dress EZ Dressing Aid

Dress EZ Dressing Aid

The Dress EZ Dressing Aid comes in either 24 inch-length or 30 inch-length. It features an S-shaped hook on one end a little like the Dressing Stick, but it is smoother with no right angles. It also differs from the Dressing Stick in that it has a shoehorn on the other end. With the Dress EZ Dressing Aid, you can throw on your jacket, slip on your shoes and head out in no time.

Dressing stick with smart edges

Dressing Stick and Shoehorn

Combination Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn

The Combination Dressing Stick Shoe Horn measures 24 inches long and also has a shoehorn on one end. However, the dressing hook has a unique shape designed especially for hooking around clothes with almost no chance of slipping and losing grip. The dressing hook is shaped with one curved edge and one flat edge for pushing.

Having trouble getting dressed in the morning? Try these practical dressing sticks and share with friends!