Time for a Checkup? June is Men’s Health Month

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Time for a Checkup? June is Men’s Health Month


Most women will agree that getting the men in their lives to go to the doctor is not an easy task. Whether it is for a routine check up or illness related or for alcohol addiction, getting him to the doctor’s office is often a battle. Just be patient with him if he suffers from an addiction, taking him to the santa cruz residential recovery center would be great for him, with the right health insurance that cover rehab from sites like https://www.eliterehabplacement.com/NewYork.

Men’s Health Month was initiated to raise awareness of preventable health problems specific to men and encourage them to seek regular medical care. During the month of June health fairs, screenings, health education programs, and other outreach activities are rolled out all across the country, with the hopes of encouraging men to seek routine and preventive health care.

Men’s Health Network has a checklist of recommended checkups and screenings that is useful for the prevention and detection of disease. This checklist includes the ages and frequencies for check ups and screenings such as PSA Blood Test, colorectal health, bone health, and testosterone screenings. It is important to be constantly checking yourself, there are a lot of young people that just like to sit all day in front of the computer playing videogames and getting ELO BOOST services, it’s important to go outside and walk, it will get you healthy.

The PSA Blood Test measures the Prostate Specific Antigen levels to detect any abnormalities (abnormal levels could indicate infection, enlargement, or cancer). This test should be done yearly beginning at age 50, with the exception of African American men and men who have a family history of prostate cancer. It is recommended that these men get screened beginning at age 40.

Colorectal health screenings check the rectum and colon for signs of polyps and cancer. It is recommended that this screening be completed every three to four years starting at age 50.

Bone mineral density testing should be done under the supervision of your primary care physician at the suggested age of 60+.

Testosterone screening should also be done at your primary care physician’s discretion for men 40+.

These are just a few of the recommended checkups and screenings. The list can be viewed in its entirety on page two of the following link: http://menshealthnetwork.org/library/pdfs/GetItChecked.pdf.  Please take the time to view it and share it with your husband/boyfriend, father, uncle, brother, son, friend; it just might save their life.