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UE Ranger Neuro Door Mount System
UE Ranger Neuro Door Mount System

UE Ranger NeuroHome Series

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UE Ranger Neuro Movement system with door mount strap for home use.
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The UE Ranger NeuroHome Series combines the movement assistance aid with a door mount strap for home use. The neuro model includes 3 hand supports and is ideal for closed kinetic chain stroke rehabilitation exercises at home. This assistive-motion device facilitates multi-plane biomechanics and graded progressions of motor activity to help improve upper extremity function, ROM and endurance.

The UE Ranger Neuro is designed to improve range-of-motion, strength and functional coordination. Therapists will find this device easy to use and helpful for rehabilitation for the neurologically impaired shoulder or upper extremity. With 3 interchangeable hand supports, the UE Ranger Neuro requires no gripping like the traditional assistive motion devices such as pulleys, canes and finger ladders. Each support utilizes the same quick release pin, making it easy to change from one support to another. Each support has a neoprene strap with Velcro attachments designed to comfortably support and secure the involved hand or forearm. The Closed Hand Support with Adjustable Multi-Plane Fixed Joint is designed to accommodate a variety of hand grip capabilities and can be mechanically positioned in many different alignments. This support may be beneficial for individuals with hand contracture that may have difficulty maintaining position on the open hand support. The Forearm Support with Adjustable Multi-Plane Fixed Joint is designed to offer a generalized weight bearing support of the upper extremity while allowing functional hand use. This support is beneficial when more stability and support is needed. The Open Hand Support with Multi-Plane Articulating Joint is designed to support the natural fluid motion of each joint of the upper extremity (shoulder girdle, elbow, forearm, and wrist) during open and closed chain kinetic functional applications. This support is helpful for those individuals that need less upper extremity support.

The Door Mount Strap is designed to support the user’s Home Exercise Program, and is a portable version of the Wall Mount. The door mount strap can be securely fastened to a standard seven foot door. The small articulating base plate inserts into the strap mount, for closed kinetic chain training at home. As the user progresses through the rehabilitation process, the UE Ranger Neuro provides the support to maintain safety while developing biomechanical and neuro-muscular capability. The UE Ranger Neuro Door Mount System is ideal for users to perform open and closed chain exercises, active, active assisted or passive assisted range of motion for post-op and chronic pain.

UE Ranger NeuroHome Series Instructions

UE Ranger NeuroHome Series Specifications:

  • Includes: UE Ranger, Door Mount Strap, Clinical Applications and Home Exercise Program.
  • Measures: 27 inches long, 11 inches wide, 5 inches high overall.
  • Weighs: 8 pounds.
  • Made in: USA.

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